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Bountiful-Centerviile, Utah Landscaping & Maintenance

Bountiful Landscaping, Hardscaping, Irrigation, More

Bountiful Landscaping, Hardscaping, Irrigation

Bountiful-Centerville, Utah Landscaping, XEriscaping, Hardscaping, Retaining Walls, Irrigation, Fencing & More

LOPEZ LANDSCAPING & MAINTENANCE has been a favorite of Bountiful, UT and Centerville, UT homeowners and businesses for landscaping installations, hardscape installations and landscape maintenance for over 15 years. We can help you maintain the Bountiful-Centerville landscape or yard you already love or help you transform it into a beautiful xeriscape that will withstand Utah’s hot summers. Lopez Landscaping & Maintenance is the landscaping contractor you need with the equipment, the experience and the expertise to deliver. Give us a call today to schedule a no-obligation quote


Bountiful-Centerville, UT Landscaping Installation, Irrigation Systems & More

Do you have a new home in Bountiful, UT or Centerville, UT? Do you want to spruce up your existing home? Whether you need help installing sprinklers and a new lawn, would like to add a beautiful new patio or deck, or need something more like a new fence or retaining wall, Lopez Landscaping & Maintenance is here to help.

Bountiful-Centerville, UT Property Grading Services

Lopez Landscaping & Maintenance performs property grading services for Bountiful, Utah and Centerville, Utah homeowners and businesses for new construction, preparation for landscaping, resolving drainage issues and more. 

Bountiful-Centerville, UT Irrigation systems

We’re the irrigation system installation experts experts that Bountiful, UT and Centerville, UT residents trust in preparing terrain, laying down new sod and installing high-quality natural turf for Bountiful-Centerville, Utah homeowners & businesses. We can even install or replace your full irrigation or sprinkling system as well.

Bountiful-Centerville, UT Sod Installation

Landscaping is a big investment in your Bountiful-Centerville, Utah home, which is why Lopez Landscaping & Maintenance only use the high quality sod on all of our jobs. Our high-quality sod provides your lawn with the nutrients and seeds it needs to stay healthy and flourish.

Bountiful-Centerville, UT Plant & Tree Planting

Lopez Landscaping & Maintenance will plant the beautiful perennials, annuals, shrubs and trees to make your Bountiful-Centerville, Utah yard stand out. Ask about plans that can include water-wise plants and drip irrigation.


Bountiful-Centerville, UT Xeriscaping Specialists

Xeriscape is a specific type of low-water usage landscape design approach that is ecological, sustainable and beautiful! By using drought-resistant flowers, shrubs, and trees that are well suited for the arid climate in Bountiful-Centerville, UT, your landscape will not just survive but it will thrive all year-round.

Bountiful-Centerville, UT Flip Your Parking Strip

Due to inconsistent snowpack levels and a growing population, it’s important for residents of Bountiful-Centerville, UT and surrounding areas to utilize our water wisely. That’s why many residents are converting the lawn in their parking strips to a xeriscape design. Initiate your project with Lopez Landscaping & Maintenance and you might be eligible for rebates from local water districts.

Bountiful-Centerville, UT Drip Irrigation Experts

A landscape design without a lot of lawn can still be beautiful and even green. The key is utilizing water in ways that reduce overuse and evaporation and choose the correct plants. The Lopez Landscaping & Maintenance team specializes in the installation of drip irrigation for residents and businesses in Bountiful, UT, Centerville, UT and surrounding areas.

Bountiful-Centerville, UT Water Wise Plants

What plants are native to the Bountiful-Centerville, UT area and can do well in our arid climate? Lopez Landscaping & Maintenance will help you with the perfect choices for your xeriscape installation or conversion to a beautifully xeriscaped space. We’re experts on the selection of water-wise plants that will add color and beauty & style to your landscape.


Bountiful-Centerville, UT Hardscaping Services

Whether you’re creating a new landscape on your Bountiful-Centerville, UT property from scratch, or modifying an already existing landscape design, Lopez Landscaping & Maintenance will work with you to design and install stunning hardscape features you’re sure to love. Options include paver and flagstone patios, outdoor fire pits and kitchens, retaining walls, concrete flatwork and more.

Bountiful-Centerville, UT Paver and Flagstone Patios, Driveways, Walkways

With our 15+ years of landscaping experience in Bountiful-Centerville, UT and the surrounding area, we can give you an amazing looking flagstone patio or walkway. A Flagstone patio and walkway can take an otherwise drab yard and make it look fantastic – and a patio is wonderful for entertaining. We also install paver and flagstone walkways and driveways.

Bountiful-Centerville, UT Outdoor Fireplaces Fire Pits & Kitchens

Lopez Landscaping & Maintenance installs outdoor fire pits, outdoor fireplaces and outdoor kitchens that can transform your Bountiful-Centerville, Utah’s current outdoor living space into an entertaining space that perfectly expresses your unique style and personality. Let us help you create the perfect location where all your friends and family will want to gather.

Bountiful-Centerville, UT Outdoor Fountains & Water Features

A common request from our Bountiful-Centerville, UT clients is to include water features in their landscaping design. The sound of the flowing water is very relaxing, and the water features serve as a focal point for your property – and they look absolutely amazing too. Ask about including water features in your design!

Bountiful-Centerville, UT Concrete Flatwork

Would you like to extend your patio or replace an aging driveway? We can help you design and install your Bountiful-Centerville, UT concrete flatwork project. We also special in concrete removal!

Bountiful-Centerville, UT Fence & Deck Installations

We offer high-quality fencing and deck installation & fence and deck repair in Bountiful-Centerville, Ut and surrounding areas. Fences are a long term investment that significantly contributes to the value and beauty of your property. They are also a valuable asset to the privacy and security of your family.


Bountiful-Centerville, UT Landscape Maintenance Pros

Lopez Landscaping & Maintenance provides commercial & residential lawn care maintenance in Bountiful, UT and Centerville, UT and surrounding areas. You can count on us to maintain your beautiful lawn or back yard landscapes so you can enjoy and relax with family and friends all season long! 

Bountiful-Centerville, UT Weekly Lawn & Garden Maintenance

Keep your Bountiful-Centerville, UT lawn and gardens in tip-top shape with our weekly services. This includes mowing, trimming, and edging, as well as blowing / cleaning sidewalks and driveways.
We bag all the clippings and clean up so afterwards everything is ready for an outdoor party. We can also maintain garden beds as needed.

Bountiful-Centerville, UT Lawn Aeration & Power Raking

Show your Bountiful-Centerville, UT lawn some true love. Aeration controls and prevents water run-off, dry spots and certain diseases. Aeration in the Fall & Spring also stimulates root growth by allowing water, nutrients and oxygen to reach the grass roots. Dethatching AKA power raking removes the thatch or dead grass of your lawn which helps the water and nutrients to absorb better.

Bountiful-Centerville, UT Property Cleanup Services

Your Bountiful-Centerville, UT property requires some added as the seasons change. We can lay new mulch and plant annuals, perennials, shrubs and trees. We can clean up, haul away, remove any old existing landscaping and install a new flower bed for you to enjoy. We can prune away dead and damaged branches, cut back perennials as needed, clean up around plant beds and borders, apply fertilizer, aeration, check for and remove any early weeds, apply seed to damaged or bare lawn area, and much more.

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