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Utah Irrigation System Installation and Maintenance

Sprinkler System Installation & Maintenance

Sprinkler System Installation & Maintenance

Sprinkler Irrigation Systems and Drip Irrigation Systems for Utah Homes and Businesses

At Lopez Landscaping & Maintenance, we can install both sprinkler irrigation systems and drip irrigation systems, allowing you to choose the option or combination of options that will meet the specific needs of your Greater Salt Lake City, Utah property. We provide irrigation services to both residential and commercial clients.


Utah Landscape Irrigation Installation COntractor

Utah is an arid climate, so in order for your grass and plants to truly thrive, they will need to stay hydrated through irrigation. That’s where you need an expert like Lopez Landscaping & Maintenance. We can design and install an irrigation system on your property that will effectively deliver water to your grass and plants so that they will always have the water they need. We can install sprinkler irrigation systems and drip irrigation systems or a combination of both. We’ll work with you in planning the options that best fit your property. We will also factor in the source of your water when designing your irrigation system, ensuring that it’ll be customized to meet the unique needs of your property.

We offer our irrigation installation service to property owners in Utah’s Greater Salt Lake City area, and in nearby communities. For a free estimate use the get quote form below or call us at (801) 910-7303.


Utah Sprinkler System Maintenance & REpair Services

Lopez Landscaping & Maintenance wants to help our Greater Salt Lake City, Utah clients keep their lawn and property looking immaculate. One of the many ways we do this is through our sprinkler servicing and repair. We ensure your sprinklers are fully functional and ready to keep your property steadily watered.

Sprinkler Maintenance Services

We will coordinate spring turn on and winterization (sprinkler blow out) of systems upon your request. With the best equipment and proper set up, your sprinkler system can help make your watering efforts be as successful as possible throughout the watering season. Our technicians are trained and experienced in all types of sprinkler systems and can thoughtfully combine regular lawn services with the right sprinkler needs for your lawn.

Sprinkler Repair Services

Are your sprinklers not coming on? Is your water not being dispersed evenly? Does the sprinkler not rotate properly? We can help! Our team is quick to diagnose the issue and find a lasting solution. We keep your sprinklers working optimally so your lawn stays green and no water is wasted!

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