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Paver & Flagstone Patios & Driveways are Many Steps Away from Your Ordinary Utah Landscape

Are you tired of your backyard feeling plain and uninspiring? It’s time to step away from the ordinary and lay the foundation for a new outdoor oasis with a paver patio or paver driveway installation. A paver patio can be the cornerstone of your backyard transformation, providing a solid and durable surface for entertaining, relaxing, and enjoying the great outdoors. A paver driveway will set your home apart from your Salt Lake City area neighbors.


Utah Paver Patio Installation Contractor

Lopez Landscaping & Maintenance specializes in crafting exquisite paver and flagtone patios tailored for Salt Lake City’s unique climate your family’s style. We create paver patios that become the space where families gather and create many memories for the future. You new paver or flagstone patio will elevate your family’s outdoor living experience in your Salt Lake City home, and get the family off electronic devices and closer to your own personal nature space.

Lopez Landscaping & Maintenance is expert in creating the most beautiful Salt Lake City area patio designs and inviting walkways. For over 15 years, our expert team has worked with Utah homeowners to design perfect outdoor spaces that make a gardens come to life and increase the value and interest of your home.

The beauty of pavers is that they are resilient and versatile, making them the perfect medium for any patio design. Our Utah team will work with you to design the patio that is exactly perfect for your family utilizing a range of materials that cater to every taste. Our excellent patio designs offer a maintenance-free and can provide the palette for additional yard enhancements such a fire feature, seating areas, verandas, and more.


Utah Paver Driveway Installation Contractor

If you’re looking to really take a step up in curb appeal for your home in the Greater Salt Lake City, Utah area, consider a major upgrade to your driveway with the installation of pavers by Lopez Landscaping & Maintenance. Conventional concrete driveways serve their purpose, but when it comes to durability and elegance, paver driveways crafted from high-quality concrete pavers or timeless brick pavers will outshine every day.

Utah’s extremes can be terrible on concrete as it expands and contracts. Pavers have advantage in this area by design. You need outdoor solutions that withstand the test of time, and that’s where pavers shine. Not only do they offer a robust outdoor hardscape that braves the elements, but they also give homeowners control over their driveway’s look through a multitude of color and design options.

If you’re ready to explore a paver driveway upgrade, we can provide a free cost estimate. Use the request quote form below or call us at (801) 910-7303.


Utah Paver Walkways Installation COntractor

Paver and flagstone walkways increase the curb appeal of your Salt Lake City, Utah area yard. Pavers walkways installed by Lopez Landscaping & Maintenance also allow easier access to different areas of your property without causing damage to your lawn or compacting your soil. They are also a safer way to walk for guests who may not be steady on their feet such as elderly relatives. Once a sturdy walkway is in place, outdoor lighting brings another level of visual appeal to your project.

Extend the beauty of a paver path with block steps as needed. The combination will truly set your home apart from the neighbors. 

If you’d like to explore a paver installation, we can provide a free cost estimate. Send a message using the Get Quote form below or call us at (801) 910-7303.


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