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Turf Installation, Hardscape Features & Xeriscaping

Turf, Plants, Hardscape, Xeriscape

Great Landscaping is the Art Of making All the Parts of Your Utah Property COme Together In Form and Function

Lopez Landscaping & Maintenance not only designs exceptional landscapes that work with your aesthetics and objectives, we also provide expert landscape installation. Our team uses designs that combine function and artistic vision resulting in landscape construction that is high-quality, and landscapes that only get better with time.


We Help you Bring All your Plans TOgether

Landscape construction includes both hardscape and softscape construction. Depending on the design of your project, your construction may involve the use of a wide variety of both softscape and hardscape construction.

Hardscape incorporates everything from paver patios to outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, fire pits and retaining walls. Softscape incorporates all the living and more organic elements of your landscape. Our landscape construction of softscapes include planting trees, shrubs, perennials and laying of sod. Softscapes also can create contour with berming, alleviate drainage with dry streambeds, and accent plantings with ornamental boulders.

  • Hardscape installation including paver patios, decks, roof and pergola structures, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, fire pits, pools, spas and more
  • Softscape installation including plant material, berming, boulders, raised garden beds, and more
  • Grading and remedies needed for drainage where required
  • Soil preparation and amendment where necessary
  • Drip Irrigation and Sprinkler Irrigation installation according to the design

Utah Turf Installation and SoftSCape Installation

Do you want to beautify your property and increase its curb appeal? If so, then our plantings and softscapes service is exactly what you’re looking for. Lopez Landscaping & Maintenance offers turf and softscape installation to residential and commercial clients in Utah’s Greater Salt Lake City area. Our service can be customized to include the installation of turf, landscape curbing, rocks, plants, and more in your landscape beds.

Lopez Landscaping & Maintenance is Utah’s turf installation specialist. We only use high quality sod on all of our jobs. Our high-quality sod provides your lawn with the nutrients and seeds it needs to stay healthy and flourish.


Utah Hardscape and XEriscape Installation

Whether you’re creating a new landscape on your Utah property from scratch, or modifying an already existing landscape design, Lopez Landscaping & Maintenance will work with you to design and install stunning hardscape features you’re sure to love. Options include paver and flagstone patios, outdoor fire pits and kitchens, retaining walls, concrete flatwork and more.

Most of our landscape installations now include xeriscape features, making use of native and low-water-use plants with rock, boulders and mulch to create spaces that align with the arid climate in Utah’s Greater Salt Lake City area. Using boulders, small rocks, and desert plants, we can have your yard looking great in even the most dry conditions.

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