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Utah Professional Snow Removal Services

Commercial, Residential & HOA Snow Removal

Commercial, Residential & HOA Snow Removal

Utah's Dependable Snow Removal Contractor

Utah’s snow and ice can be beautiful to see, but it’s also an inconvenience for your daily tasks and a safety risk, too. Let our dedicated and dependable team quickly remove snow and ice from your property so you can move around unhindered. Our winter snow removal services include parking lot plowing, HOA snow clearing, driveway snow plowing, sidewalk clearing and ice melt products. Whether you just need us one time, or would like to set up the service for all snow events throughout the snow season, we can help ease the harshness of a Utah winter. To schedule our snow removal services, use the request quote form below or call us now at (801) 910-7303.


Utah Commercial Snow REmoval Contractor

Lopez Landscaping & Maintenance specializes in commercial snow removal. When Utah’s winter storms blanket your parking lot in ice and snow, it’s critical to clear it in a timely manner. Not only does the snow and ice affect your operations and profits, it is also creates a dangerous liability to your company should someone slip and fall or should vehicles collide. 

The snow removal teams at Lopez Landscaping and Maintenance are quick and thorough. We carefully remove all unwanted snow and ice from the area so your customers are safe and happy. We protect your business from the liability of unsafe walking and driving conditions. If you are a local small business, we can make sure your location is accessible and safe for your customers. Do not risk a fall or injury on your property. Use the request form below or call us at (801) 910-7303 to set up snow removal services for your Utah business.


Utah Dependable HOA Snow Removal Professionals

Anyone who’s spent time in Utah during the winter knows that our heavy snow brings with it a love/hate relationship. While we love our amazing winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding, and snowmobiling, you also face the potential to have your home or condo buried under a foot or more of heavy snow. This is more than just an inconvenience. It could hinder your ability to earn a living or carry out your daily routine.

Lopez Landscaping & Maintenance offers HOA and apartment building snow removal services throughout Utah’s Greater Salt Lake City area. We understand the importance of quick, efficient, and thorough snow removal, and we’ll take extra measures to ensure that your property is clean, safe, and easily accessible, even if that means very early in the morning or late into the night.


Utah Residential Snow Removal Services

Lopez Landscaping & Maintenance offers professional residential snow removal services to households throughout Utah’s Greater Salt Lake City area. Avoid the back breaking hassle of having to shovel the wet, heavy snow that Utah is known for. Save time and energy while you relax and let our team of professionals do it. 

When the snow flies, you need a dependable team. That’s Lopez Landscaping & Maintenance. Whether the timing of the Utah snow storm means early in the morning or late into the night, let the Lopez snow removal teams take care of the unwanted snow while you enjoy the comfort of your location sipping on a freshly brewed cup of coffee or hot chocolate. To setup a free consultation, send a message using the request quote form below or call us now at (801) 910-7303.

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