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Utah Lawn and Yard Care Service Professionals

Weekly Lawn & Garden Care, Lawn Aeration, Clean Up

Lawn & Garden Care, Lawn Aeration, Clean Up

Utah's Dependable & Affordable Lawn and Yard Care Specialists

At Lopez Landscaping & Maintenance we understand that life gets busy. Not having to worry about lawn care throughout the year means you spend more time doing things like enjoying Salt Lake City, Utah’s beautiful outdoors and the cookouts in the backyard with family and friends. Truly enjoy your yard this year and the comfort and aesthetic that a well maintained lawn offers, all without the hassle of doing it yourself.


Utah Weekly Lawn & Yard Care Service Professionals

Our lawn care services include mowing, edging, line trim and clippings blowing/gathering for residential and commercial lawns in Utah’s Greater Salt Lake City area.

We can create a regularly scheduled mowing service where our well-trained and courteous professionals maintain your lawn weekly. We also have money saving package options that include weekly mowing and seasonal aeration, fertilization, and sprinkler costs.

Small details are important when it comes to caring for your property. We pride ourselves on providing quality on time services that consistently impress our clients. For a free estimate for your property, use the get quote form belore or call us at (801) 910-7303.


Utah Lawn Aeration & Power Raking Services

If you’re looking for quality lawn aeration services, turn to Lopez Landscaping & Maintenance. We offer lawn aeration and power raking services to residents and businesses across Utah’s Greater Salt Lake City area.

Why do you need lawn aeration? Over time, constant walking, driving, or objects sitting on the soil can press it in and make it compacted. Aeration breaks up compacted soil so that air and nutrients can flow through. When the soil gets packed down, your lawn can become starved of the nutrients necessary to keep it lush and healthy. Our lawn aeration services help your soil to be healthy and prepared for the changing seasons.

We recommend Spring and Fall aeration for optimal benefit, and can also do Summer aeration when necessary. To schedule our aeration services, use the form below or call us now at (801) 910-7303.


Utah Professional Yard Cleanup Services

In the Spring, in the Fall and occasionally in between, your Utah property will need to be tidied up to restore it to its pristine condition. That’s what our yard cleanup service is for! Our yard cleanups can include essential services that will enhance the curb appeal of your property. You can customize our yard cleanup service and only ask us to perform tasks that your property needs, so you can rest assured your yard receives a tailored service that will keep it in tip-top shape. Here are the services that can be included in our yard cleanups:

Plant Trimming: Our trimming service involves cutting back the overgrown branches on your trees and shrubs. By doing this, we can make your plants look neater and more beautiful!

Garden Bed Cleanup: Your landscape beds are some of your property’s most beautiful focal points. We will make them pop by blowing out debris and leaves from them so they look nice and tidy.

Debris Removal: Aside from your landscape beds, our team will remove leaves, sticks, and other debris from your lawn using a lawn mower.

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