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Utah Retaining Walls Installation Contractor

Block REtaining Walls & Boulder Retaining Walls

Block and Boulder Retaining Walls

Utah Contractor Combining Beauty And Strength In Retaining Walls

Neighborhoods in the Greater Salt Lake City area often have elevation changes, slopes, and grades. These natural features provide a terrific opportunity to enhance landscape design with the beauty of retaining walls. Lopez Landscaping & Maintenance is Utah’s Retaining Walls specialist. Properly constructed retaining walls, when combined with the strong durable products available today, will endure the test of time. Well designed retaining walls can permit more usable space within your landscape as well as make landscape maintenance more manageable. From the natural look of boulders to a more refined, formal appearance with blocks, the choices and color options available will easily compliment any space and architectural style.


Utah Boulder and Stone REtaining Wall Contractor

Do you want to incorporate a retaining wall in your Greater Salt Lake City, Utah landscape design and want to go with a natural look? Natural boulder and stone retaining walls installed by Lopez Landscaping & Maintenance will bring an elegant, soft and aesthetically pleasing appearance to your landscape. Properly designed and installed, they can be just as strong and long lasting as an engineered pre-cast block style retaining wall. Materials such as natural flagstone, irregular granite riprap and even random set large boulders are some of your options for a beautiful and fully functional natural stone retaining wall.

Natural stone retaining walls typically are more expensive than their pre-cast retaining wall counter parts due not only to material costs being higher but due to the labor costs in contending with inconsistencies in the materials themselves. The elegance of a well-designed and properly installed natural stone retaining easily warrants the added cost.


Utah Concrete Blocks Retaining Wall Contractor

A concrete block retaining wall is the ideal solution to keep erosion under control, eliminate slopes, create a plant bed, or level an area for a Salt Lake City area patio. Lopez Landscaping & Maintenance’s retaining walls are strong, durable, and can withstand all weather conditions. Similar to a solid divider, once the retaining wall is established, the divider becomes a long-lasting structure.

Retaining walls are an affordable way to increase the value of your Utah home. They are also extremely versatile, as they can be colored, textured, printed, or embedded with various design objects. When the concrete retaining wall is installed properly by our team of experts, there is significant room for customization to meet your desired look.


REtaining Wall Have So mUch Utility Within youR Utah Landscape

When we see sloping elevations in Utah properties, Lopez Landscaping & Maintenance doesn’t see a problem but an opportunity to create a beautiful landscape feature. Retaining walls are beautiful and serve many functions as well. Here’s is some of what you might consider:

  • Retaining walls as raised planting beds and seating
  • Natural stone retaining walls to enhance a patio, walkway or water feature
  • Use of natural stones as decoration; create windows, to hang art or plants.
  • Boulder pocket walls that come alive with rowing plants
  • Moss rock veneer walls that grow into a unique, living feature over time
  • Brick structural walls to incorporate a fire pit or for plantings
  • Erosion and water runoff mitigation and drainage control

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