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Utah XEriscape Design & Installation Contractor

Native Plants, Drip Irrigation, Rock & Stone

Drip Irrigation, Native Plants, Rock & Stone

Xeriscape Landscaping Reduces Your Water Use and Your Water Bill

Lopez Landscaping & Maintenance offers xeriscape landscaping services to commercial and residential clients throughout Utah’s Greater Salt Lake City area. Xeriscape landscaping is a water-efficient landscaping technique that aims to conserve water while creating beautiful and functional outdoor spaces.

As a leading Utah xeriscaping provider, we understand the unique challenges of maintaining lush landscapes in the arid climate of the Greater Salt Lake City area. Through our expertise in xeriscape landscaping, we help our clients transform their outdoor spaces into a captivating and low-maintenance environment that thrive even in water-restricted conditions.

With a focus on native and drought-tolerant plants, efficient irrigation systems, and innovative design techniques, the Lopez Landscaping & Maintenance team implements xeriscape principles that not only conserve water but also enhance the natural beauty of our Greater Salt Lake City, Utah community.


The Benefits of Xeriscape Landscaping

Xeriscaping is a unique style of landscape design that requires little or no irrigation or other nurturing. It is commonly used in arid regions, such as Utah’s Greater Salt Lake City area, where the climate is such that there is not enough naturally occurring rainwater to support prolific vegetation.

Xeriscaping allows you to strategically use plants that are already adapted to the dry Utah climate rather than choosing plants that will need considerable amounts of water to thrive. In combination with stonework, native soils, and well-designed hardscape features, your xeriscape landscaping design will be unique, practical, often easier to maintain, and use less costly water. Replace water-greedy flora with more useful garden features such as benches, outdoor fire pits, and shade-producing pergolas and your landscape can wow your visitor without the upkeep of an elaborate flower garden.


Utah Koi Pond and Goldfish Pond Installation Contractor

Lopez Landscaping & Maintenance is committed to providing the highest quality products and koi pond services in Utah. We offer you the knowledge and experience needed to design, plan, construct and maintain the beautiful ponds and other water features you choose to include in your landscape design.

We understand that lasting water features begin with quality materials. We utilize upgraded filtration systems and the best mortar in our waterfall, stream and pond design and construction. We believe the best results come from using the best materials. 

Let us transform your home into a peaceful retreat. We’ll plan every detail of your koi pond and other water features with your guidance and involvement.

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